Why Do I Like Living In The Golden Hills Lodge?


Let me count the ways:  

  1. Our two-bedroom apartment is just right for my husband and me.
  2. I especially enjoy the fact that meals are made for us.
  3. These meals are appetizing and enjoyable.
  4. Our apartment is cleaned each week by a member of the staff.
  5. We find the staff at the Lodge to be helpful and friendly.
  6. Because our apartment is on the north side of the building we are able to watch the traffic up and down the road as well as people coming and going along the sidewalk. This position also gives us some opportunity to watch the Prairie Grade School students playing out on their field.
  7. Because most of the residents here are early-to- bedders, it is quiet in the evenings.
  8. We don’t feel lonely here, for there is most always someone to visit with.
  9. I am grateful for the laundry facilities, for we can wash clothes almost any time of the day.
  10. Other seniors’ residences sometimes have unpleasant odors but not the Lodge.
  11. When I asked my husband what he liked about the Lodge, he said, without hesitation, that it is convenient for a man in his 90th year! 
  12. We are also grateful to be able to invite family or friends to meals here occasionally.
  13. The long halls are great for walking in when the weather prevents doing so outside.