Why do I like living in Golden Hills Lodge?

Reasons to stay at Golden Hills Lodge:

    • "Having your house cleaning done." - J.O.
    • "No cooking, no housekeeping!" - R.H.
    • "We have wonderful care and great food." - W.M.
    • "I would not want to live anywhere else! GHL is HOME to me." - L.W.
    • "I love it here! It's just like being in a big family!" - J.M.R.
    • "Acceptance. Activity. Fun. Challenge.  It's all part of why living at the Lodge has been so pleasant." - E.L.W.
    • "This is the best place to live - good food, care, friends." - L.A.
Why stay at Robertson Manor?

My wife and I have been residents of Robertson Manor for seventeen months. We have found this experience quite delightful in many ways. Downsizing from a house to a comparatively small apartment was interesting in so far that we have quite a different arrangement of furniture, this was a great experience.

We have found the Manor a very interesting place to live. You are able to mix as much as you like, or keep yourself separated if you so desire. There are activities such as Bible studies, jigsaw puzzles, birthday celebrations (once every quarter), games evenings, or just chatting with one another if you wish. There is the availability of either of the two meeting rooms to have family events for each room has a kitchen, cutlery, dishes, etc. which is treated with respect by other residents.

The apartments offer enough space so that one does not feel hemmed in, yet very easy to maintain. We even have sufficient space to include a small freezer. There are washing machines available in two areas, therefore seldom any conflict to do your wash. A maintenance man to undertake those irritating minor issues that occur in any home. An overseer who does not interfere with you, or your activities, and ensures pleasant communication when required.

We are, and have been, delighted with our experience at the Manor.

After many moves in several countries we find ourselves in Three Hills, at Robertson Manor. The Bible says “the splendor of this latter house shall be greater than the former.” (Haggai 2:9) and although this is a spiritual quote surely it can be applied to the present.

It is a charming and colorful place to live with friendly neighbours and a warm welcoming atmosphere. The outlook is lovely and with a little patch of garden of one’s own (if wanted), one couldn’t wish for more. Activities are as many, or as few, as you could want. We would encourage seniors to consider the Manor and to look into the opportunity to live here with its peace, quietness, and contentment.


Why We Like the Robertson Manor Lifestyle

  1. The independent lifestyle with accommodations to eat and sleep and the freedom to enjoy the quality of life in visiting family/friends, volunteering, and touring/discovering the outdoors with your own vehicle or catching the bus rides available.  Also, in the quiet times to reflect on the past, the present, and the future possibilities yet to come.

  2. The socialization in interactions with fellow tenants in visiting, potlucks, game night, craft/hobby night, puzzle room, bible study, exercise, etc.

  3. The support from the Kneehill Housing Corporation in maintenance of the suite or issues of concern.

  4. The security in having fellow tenants nearby.

  5. The pleasure of watching maintenance workers mow the lawn in summer and clear the snow in winter.

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