Our Commitment

Kneehill Housing Corporation provides housing and lifestyle options in a quality environment.  We believe our services must value individuality, allow provision for choices, and provide the right to privacy.  We also promote an independent and active lifestyle for our residents while encouraging continued quality interaction with family, friends, and community.

Our Vision

To ensure our most vulnerable community members have a home.

Our Mission - Seniors' & Family Housing

To provide safe and affordable housing opportunities to families and seniors in our rural communities.

Our Mission - Golden Hills Lodge

Celebrating seniors through outstanding services that promote independence and preserve dignity.

Our Values

  • We value fair & consistent treatment of all individuals.
  • We value a positive environment and encourage each other to reflect that in our attitudes.
  • We value a workplace where sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge is encouraged.
  • We value support and encouragement through teamwork that provides opportunities to share our individual strengths.
  • We value the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • We value professionalism, a strong work ethic, dependability, confidentiality and honesty.
  • We value those we serve, their rights and their dignity.
  • We value our relationships with one another.