Our Commitment

Kneehill Housing Corporation provides housing and lifestyle options in a quality environment. We believe our services must value individuality, allow provision for choices, and provide the right to privacy. We also promote an independent and active lifestyle for our residents while encouraging continued quality interaction with family, friends, and community.

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Our Vision

To ensure our most vulnerable community members have a home.

Our Mission - Seniors' & Family Housing

To provide safe and affordable housing opportunities to families and seniors in our rural communities.

Our Mission - Golden Hills Lodge

Celebrating seniors through outstanding services that promote independence and preserve dignity.

Value Statements

  • We value fair & consistent treatment of all individuals.
  • We value a positive environment and encourage each other to reflect that in our attitudes.
  • We value a workplace where sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge is encouraged.
  • We value support and encouragement through teamwork that provides opportunities to share our individual strengths.
  • We value the opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • We value professionalism, a strong work ethic, dependability, confidentiality and honesty.
  • We value those we serve, their rights and their dignity.
  • We value our relationships with one another.

Housing Options

Golden Hills Lodge

Golden Hills Lodge is proud of its gracious setting and independent social atmosphere for seniors 65 years or older. Discover peaceful surroundings, a warm atmosphere, and supportive, friendly staff. We are committed to providing an affordable, comfortable, and caring residence, delivered at high standards of excellence. Golden Hills Lodge provides many retirement living options, offering the privacy and comfort of home.

Seniors Self-Contained

Do you want to live independently in your own apartment, managing your meals and cleaning? Find out more about our Seniors Self-Contained housing.

Family & Community Housing

These housing units are for low to modest income families
lower level - kitchen, living room, laundry room
upper level - bathroom and bedrooms
includes fridge, stove, laundry hook-ups
rent based on income


Watch the video to take a look into the quality of our staff or read the testimonials below to get a better idea of how our residents and their families feel about Kneehill Housing.

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My parents have thrived in this well managed facility…They often mention enjoying the creative recreational activities and variety of healthy cuisine provided by dedicated staff…I am so grateful for the professional and thoughtful care they receive each day.

- David

Calgary, AB

I like everything! The staff at the Lodge are so loving, kind, and mindful of the things we need. I also enjoy the wide variety of things to do inside the lodge!

- Betty

Three Hills, AB

In 2019 my husband and I sold our home deciding it was time to live a downsized lifestyle. The house sold quickly and everything fell into place. The Three Hills Manor was where we wanted to be.
It has been a wonderful experience and we feel it was the right choice for us. The people are friendly. The Manager is always willing to listen. The maintenance crew is very dedicated to their work and willing to help.

- Larry & Audrey

Three Hills, AB

I can't believe I have been at the Manor a year now & love it.
I'm so thankful that I can still drive, use the computer, watch TV, do my own laundry etc.
Eventually when needed I can have groceries and prescriptions delivered, a cleaning lady etc.
The over all attitude towards the recent restrictions has been good. We try to encourage one another when possible.


Three Hills, AB

We moved from our own home into the Manor in 2018 and into one of the duplexes. We have been comfortable and happy living in a duplex. I would encourage anyone to come and see what we have here. We are close to downtown and have our own little community of people our age.

- Bob & Audrey

Trochu, AB

I like all the meals that are provided and the large selection of books we can read from the library.

- Anne

Three Hills, AB

I absolutely love living at Golden Hills Lodge! I appreciate the friendliness of the people here. They knew my name when I moved in!

- Beth

Three Hills, AB

Why we enjoy living at the Manor:
Carefree lifestyle (to travel , volunteer, relax)
Inside activities (potlucks, puzzles, crafts, movies)
Outside activities (recreation, walking, swimming, gym)
Homecare and meals-on-wheels are available
Living near other seniors for safety and social atmosphere
Moved in when we still could enjoy walks, exercise, games, travel

- Ray and Carol

Three Hills, AB

I am pleased to say a few words about Meadow Park Manor. The suites are more than sufficient to be what you want them to be. Each suite has double access and offers good visibility of the outdoors yet they remain private, peaceful and quiet.
The staff and management of Kneehill Housing are sincere, helpful, caring and knowledgeable.
I have resided here for 8 years and do not have any regrets.

- Clark

Acme, AB

Thank-you to the staff at Kneehill Housing for your help securing a safe place for me to live. I plan on staying here for some time. I do not concern myself about things like the furnace as maintenance problems are dealt with quickly.
I am comfortable here and I like my little unit.


Trochu, AB

It had been a long winter of not seeing our mother. For her 102nd birthday, we prayed it would be nice enough for us to get together outside. God gave us an exceptionally warm day. Thank you to the Lodge staff, who moved the furniture to a sunny spot. We felt so blessed to have this time with Mom.-Joyce

- Joyce

We celebrate monthly with potlucks and found that we have some wonderful cooks. Birthdays are also celebrated with a cake.
We enjoy everyone here. Our large family is very friendly and courteous to each other. Our advice to you: Don't wait too long to age in place, you are missing out.

- Larry & Audrey

Three Hills, AB

The Meadow Park Manor location is fabulous, it is within easy walking distance of modern recreational facilities- 2 beautiful ball diamonds, curling arena, tennis courts, and a relatively new spacious community hall.
Proximity to downtown business is, at most, a 5 minute walk for groceries, mail, restaurant, hotel/bar, and a Legion.
The manor itself is bright, cheery and well maintained. Our common area hosts opportunity for social exchange and indoor recreation.

- Clark

Acme, AB

Our management and maintenance are always available when needed. It is wonderful to have someone shovel the snow and cut the grass. Our accommodations are warm and I love not having a larger place to clean.

- Bob & Audrey

Trochu, AB

At the Lodge, we’re all in the same boat. There is friendly people, friendly surroundings, friendly atmosphere.

- Patsy

Three Hills, AB

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